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ZST Series
ZT3 Series 
ZSR Razor

 ZT360 and ZT372 Series Mowers 

27 HP

No matter what your chore; around the farm, the local sports field, or your commercial business, you won’t find a smoother ride in a Zero Turn mower. Climb into our seat to see and feel the ergonomics wrap around you while you go about your business. Your line of sight, low center of gravity, legroom, and arm extensions are all just right.


The ZT3's 60" deck allows you to mow in tighter areas around obstacles or maintain a lower cutting height over undulating terrain.


The more productive 72" ZT3 Zero Turn meets the needs of customers with mostly level, open areas who just want to get the mowing job done faster. In areas with hills or warmer and wetter climates, the floating axle capability provides enhanced traction and a smoother ride.


Twin-lever hydrostatic steering enables the mowers to turn within their overall length. Couple this outstanding maneuverability with a 12 mph mowing speed and low center of gravity and you’ve got a mower that’s fast, safe, comfortable, and easy to transport.

 ZST 40 and ZST 48 Series Mowers 

15 HP, 18 HP

The Land Pride ZST40 and ZST48 residential zero turn mowers are compact in size and ideal for homeowner grass maintenance.


Because the mower is a true zero turn mower, it allows you to turn away and not hit anything with the rear end when mowing alongside a building or landscaping. 


The control levers reach and height are adjustable, making this zero turn mower comfortable to handle.


Quick Specs

  • 40", 48" Widths

  • 1" - 4.5" Cutting height

  • Square tubing welded frame design

  • Floating deck design

  • Foot operated deck height

  • Adjustable steering levers

  • Mid-mount deck design

  • Lever activated park brake

 ZSR 54 and ZSR60 Razor Series Mowers 

23 HP, 23.5 HP

The ZSR Series Zero Turn Mowers are a 'Super' Razor for those small acreage homeowners who want just a little more. The ZSR offers a wider deck choice, larger rear tires, a floating front axle and 'commercial' quality gears in the wheel motors.

The floating front axle is a great feature for rolling and undulating terrain. While in the float position, typically all four wheels will be in contact with the ground, giving you a smoother, more comfortable ride than most Zero Turn Mowers can offer. In the rigid position, the axle allows you to hang the left deck side over the curb for a clean cut.


Quick Specs

  • 54", 60" Widths

  • Floating front axle

  • Large 20" rear tires

  • Adjustable steering levers

  • Rapid deck height adjustment

  • Mid-mount deck design

  • Narrow drive tire stance

  • Heavy-duty high lift blades

  • Lever activated park brake

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