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 L Series

24.8 - 62.0 Gross HP

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Kubota’s new Standard L-Series tractors provide high performance, outstanding durability, easier operations, and enhanced comfort.


The Standard L-Series also features a revamped design with smooth, rounded contours from front to rear that improve visibility so you can get the job done easier, faster, and safer.


Add to that, Kubota’s “Performance Matched” front loaders and backhoes that simplify even the toughest tasks.


Get the job done with ease and in comfort with Kubota Standard L-Series tractors.

Lseries lineup
Grand L60
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With a 24.8 HP Kubota diesel engine, two superior transmission options to choose from and available front loader and backhoe, Kubota's L2501 is one valuable combination of horsepower and high-quality construction - perfect for the independent property owner.


More power, cleaner emissions and a bold new lookposition the new Standard L-series tractors at thetop of their class.The Standard L-Series has not only improved performance but also feature arevamped design with smooth, rounded contoursfrom front to rear that improve visibility so youcan get the job done faster and with ease in thecomfort of the New Standard L-Series Tractors.

 ​Grand L60 Series 

Reliable power, cleaner emissions and an available spacious Grand Cab(TM) define the Grand L60 tractors. Featuring 37-62 HP Kubota diesel engines and your choice of three state-of-the-art transmission options including HST PLUS with stall guard, these are the tractors that ensure your get the job done.

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