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Bush Hog Rotary Cutters and Tillers

Flex Wing


Single Spindle

Whether your task is crop shredding, pasture mowing, roadside clearing, orchard maintenance, or tilling, there’s a Bush Hog rotary cutter or tiller designed to do the job quicker and better. Because nothing beats a Bush Hog!



Bush Hog is the largest and leading manufacturer of rotary cutters in the world. For 60 years, our rotary cutters have proven their superior performance and unrivaled durability by clearing countless acres across the country and around the globe. Today, Bush Hog cutters mow more than 30 million acres a year. Made in America and built to last with tough construction and exclusive performance features, Bush Hog rotary cutters are designed to give you a smooth, clean cut even in the roughest terrain. Year… after year!

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